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Italy, Lake Como
Overcome challenges with international team

That`s the trip for those, who prefer not standard travels and think outside the box.
If you seek self-development and active lifestyle - join us and challenge yourself!

We have prepared international team, educational challenges, extreme activities, parties and sports on picturesque Lake Como - best combo for active personality.
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Lago di Braies
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Stanley Park, Vancouver
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Sahalie Falls, US
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24/7 English
International networking
6 countries, 5 crazy leaders from each.
Discover new cultures and traditions, learn how to say Hi on 6 languages, broaden your horizons with different mentalities and outlooks on the same issue.
Extreme and active lifestyle
Every day - jogging and sports.
Be ready for daily extreme(cause we prepared a lot): Jumping with an amazing Lake Como view parachute, Climbing a breathtaking Italian rock, try Canyoning, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Bungee Jumping and much more.
Team building and leadership
Communication, performance and personal brand trainings, city quest and much more. Together with the team you will lead a performance about another country, discovering it`s traditions, songs, dances and even national dishes.
English practice challenge
No matter what English level you have now - surrounded 24/7 with English speaking people you will definitely overcome the language barrier.

Great holiday, Italian charm
Beautiful landscapes, unforgettable Italian food, everyday parties with national peculiarities of each country. Our photographer will follow you on every corner, so you will definitely have great memories from bright holiday!
Day 1
Getting to know each other
Ice-breaking activities and team building. Random nation-mixed groups will be formed to discuss and develop personal objectives for the project.

Team Building Activity: Fears, Expectations, Contributions
In groups we will discuss our challenges: fears, expectations and contributions. Italians will prepare for you special quiz game, so that you will interactively get to know if mafia still exist and what is true italian pizza:)

Extreme challenge: Wakeboarding
New day - new way to have an adrenaline hit and challenge yourself.
It will we breathtaking!!!

Welcome Party
Participants will get a chance to meet each other in the cosy atmosphere and start informal communication. Everyone will be asked to bring national peculiarity to present the country and Rockkk it!

Day 2
Warm Up
Every morning a different national team will lead the warm up: game or a sport activity. Of course, we will meet the sunrise in Lake Como mountains.

Challenge: City quest

For this activity participants are divided into random nation-mixed groups. Their goal is to develop team-cooperation and communication while solving REALLY COOL quests around the city.

Extreme: Canyoning
Are you ready for the new adrenalin? We will descend the river, enjoying the untouched nature, several slides, jumps and caves. WOW-experience!

Reflecting the day
Every evening international groups will discuss personal daily insights, what was achieved and what could be improved. We want you to become better every day!

Day 3
Rock climb: Via Ferrata
Challenge yourself climbing panoramic mountains surrounding the lake. One of the best way to give your holiday a touch of adventure and to take that wonderful pic you always wanted!

Top Guest: Creating strong personal brand
The participants will brainstorm in nation-mixed groups. Different cultural backgrounds will help and broaden the possible ways of influence. Thanks to our Top guest In the end everyone will have personal list To Do for creating strong personal brand.

Challenge yourself: interview locals
Ask about their attitude to foreigners and stereotypes about your country. The aim of the activity is to broaden your horizons and overcome communication blocks.

Relax time
Spa, Sauna, Pool and Beach is yours. Enjoy!

Day 4
Italian Breakfast with a view
After - shooting to renew your avatar on all social sites, cz the panorama is stunning :)

Special Guest: Oratory workshop
Thanks to Top trainer of companies like Bvlgari, Lamborghini, Ferrari you overcome personal fears and learn new technics. In the end you will perform in front of 200+ auditory of enterpreneurs. There is no way back!

Winds often change and not always blow where you would like to. Situation that often happens in life. What would we do? Of course, bend our line. These lessons are applicable to problem-solving in a real life.

Day 5
Time-management: Workshop on Scoping
Participants are randomly divided into the groups to prioritize their work and lifestyle, making a short presentation to the rest of the group. As a result, participants learn the process of the scope-developing, building open-minded informal communication.

It`s Picnic time!

Challenge yourself: Paragliding
Unforgettable experience, which will arouse shouts of joy or simple "wows"! Flying above the Como Lake you'll admire from the sky amazing Italian panorama!

Party time: Intercultural night
National teams will present their countries. This will ensure non-formal learning process and will give participants extra chance to learn more about each other's countries.

Day 6
Morning yoga&Meditation
Just imagine yourself on the beach of Como: the sun is rising with an amazing view to the mountains. Our photographer is capturing the best moments.

Discover the city
Take 2 photos of places, that in your opinion represent Lake Como as a first impression.
This way you will have a chance of informal self-managed exploration of the city.

Extreme challenge: Bungee Jumping
Do it like James Bond! The world's most famous jump from the movie. It`s 220m in height – a world record.After such an experience nothing will fear you:)

It`s your time to rock!
Final performance in front of 200 entrepreneurs. After such experience you won`t be afraid of giving a speech anymore!

What`s included?
Extreme challenges
Paragliding, Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, Bungee Jumping
Personal growth workshops
Public Speaking, International Team building, Leadership
Educative Master-Classes
Personal Brand, Time-Management, Scoping
Adventurous activities
City Quest, Interviewing locals, International parties
Accommodation in a residence with amazing view
Professional photo and video
Let`s start the challenge!
Italy, Lake Como
The most adventurous 7 days in your life!
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  • ✔ Extreme challenges
  • ✔ Educative Master-Classes
  • ✔ Adventurous activities
  • ✔ Amazing Lake Como tour
  • ✔ International parties
  • ✔ Personal growth workshops
  • ✔ Wine tasting
  • ✔ Personal meet with Inspirational speaker
  • ✔ Accommodation in Superior room
  • ✔ Transfer from/to airport, on all locations
  • ✔ Italian restaurants menu A la cart
  • ✔ Private boat tour around panoramic Como
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  • ✔ Extreme challenges
  • ✔ Educative Master-Classes
  • ✔ Adventurous activities
  • ✔ Amazing Lake Como tour
  • ✔ International parties
  • ✔ Accommodation in Standard double room
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